About Us

LiveWire Solutions & Services is a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) provider specializing in Industrial Automation, SCADA, IIoT and Data Analysis.

We partner with Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies to commission industrial projects across many industries. We provide remote and field automation and SCADA support.

Let us design, build, integrate and maintain your next control system.

Our Story

LiveWire started out in 2007 with a few technicians servicing a few clients in Northern British Columbia & Alberta Canada.  We answered trouble calls and made ourselves available 24/7.  We made improvements to existing sites wherever we could  and we stocked critical automation spares to eliminate return trips to the same locations.

Our dedication to clients and our diligence, quality, and consistency of work helped us arrive at a point of being the automation service provider of choice for many oil & gas clients in our area.

Growth & Expansion

Our hard work and dedication helped us to grow and expand our company to become one of the most respected automation companies in Western Canada.  It seemed like our company was doubling in size with each new year and we expanded our services to include a communications division.

An opportunity came for our company to work in Australia, and from that initial trip, LiveWire expanded its operations into Queensland and our company performed work for some of the largest companies in the Australian Oil and Gas industry.

Overcoming Adversity

The Oil and Gas industry price collapse in 2014 triggered one of the worst oil and gas recessions experienced  on record and its effects are still being felt today.

Our company was one of many to feel those effects, and as a result, our business suffered tremendously.  Our employees and clients were always our first concern and we did the best we could under very difficult circumstances.

Thank you to our past employees, vendors, and clients who have helped grow our company in the past.

Perseverance & Dedication

We are proud of our past accomplishments.   Our company has re-tooled, re-branded, and added new capabilities.

LiveWire is also integrated with our new startup company Fossilytics Engineered Solutions and realised a goal to create a new integrated SCADA/Reservoir Engineering software platform to create real time reservoir analysis.  Our two companies will be able to offer clients a complete automated digital solution with the latest advancements in Automation, Data Analytics, IIot and Machine Learning.

Our company has invested heavily in  automating our work flows and business systems  with software solutions.    Our companies service industrial clients across many industries including renewable and non-renewable.

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