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Arrow Energy

Daandine Expansion Project

Project Scope

Electrical Instrumentation and Commissioning Services provided by LiveWire Automation


Dalby, Surat Basin , Queensland Australia

Electrical & Instrumentation

LiveWire Automation was engaged by WDS to perform the electrical and instrumentation scope in co-operation with CEC for the expansion and tie in of three Ariel reciprocating compressors, one generation package, contractor tower, glycol filter, fuel gas and buffer vessel, inlet coalesced, oil filter, inlet separation boot and production facility flow lines. LiveWire completed the electrical and instrumentation installation for the new compressor packages including hazardous area auditing, UCP & MCC installations. LiveWire E&I technicians performed all MCC testing, hazardous area inspections, instrument inspections, cable tests, and earth grid tests. All test equipment was supplied by LiveWire Automation


  • Modifications to existing MCC-001
  • Installation of new MCC-002
  • Installation of power, control and fibre optic cabling to on-skid junction boxes for the 3 new compressors, TEG, glycol, fuel & oil vendor supplied packages
  • Re-assembly of compressor packages including the installation of unit control panels and two MCC’s to each package
  • Installation of instrumentation, electric motors, and associated pumps for the produced water transfer package
  • Modifications to Braemar 1 and 2 metering stations
  • Relocation and re-verification to the moisture analyser
  • Plant instrumentations & calibrations
  • Installation of new flame detectors and plant emergency sirens
  • New VSD’s for TEG package
  • Installation of local control stations
  • Modifications to existing plant lighting and installation of new plant lighting
  • Facility earthing and cable ladder


LiveWire Automation was engaged by China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation to perform the commissioning scope of the Arrow Energy Daandine expansion project.  The scope included electrical energisation of new and existing equipment, instrumentation loop checks, PLC / DCS integration, motor bumping and alignments.  LiveWire Automation assisted with start-up of the new TEG  and 3 compressor packages and 22 wells in the gathering network.


  • Cause & effect testing
  • Functional instrument loop testing
  • PLC modbus mapping
  • Emerson PLC and Delta V HMI modbus mapping
  • MCC energisation
  • Commissioning of three cat 3612 engines with ariel 4 stage recap compressors
  • Flare control panel commissioning
  • TEG dehydration package commissioning
  • Motor bump testing & coupling alignments