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Septimis Phase 1, 2, & Oil Facility

Project Scope

Main Automation Contractor Services provided by Livewire Automation


Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

Automation & Commissioning

Completed programming, commissioning, and startup of the Phase 1, 2, and oil battery of the Septimis facility. Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC Platform was procured in addition to Factory Talk HMI.  Upgraded the existing Phase I Plant HMI from PcVue to Factory Talk.  Completed programming, commissioning, and startup of the new well sites using Fisher Roc 827 RTU's.  Added new well sites to the existing PcVue SCADA system. Our radio techs completed the communications from the well sites to the SCADA host.


Phase 1 & 2

  • Inlet Slug Catcher
  • Four 5000 HP Compressor Packages
  • Refrigeration System
  • Condensate Stabalizer
  • Lube Oil Scrubber
  • LPG Storage Bullets
  • Produced Water Tanks
  • VRU System
  • Generator Package & Instrument Air

Oil Battery

  • Plant Inlet Receiver
  • Inlet Seperation
  • Solution Gas Compressors
  • Skim & Recycle Pumps
  • Vapour Recovery Units
  • Oil and Produced Storage Tanks
  • Generator & Instrument Air



LiveWire designed, installed and commissioned the communication systems for the Septimis SCADA and alarm callout.