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Queensland Gas Company (QGC)

QGC/BP2 Tie in Facility

Project Scope

Electrical Instrumentation and Commissioning Services provided by LiveWire Automation


Dalby, Surat Basin , Queensland Australia

Electrical & Instrumentation

LiveWire Automation was engaged by Transfield Services to assist in the MC Scope performing the electrical and instrumentation scope of works.  This consisted of LiveWire Automation completing the electrical and instrumentation installation for the new compressor package including hazardous area auditing, UPC and MCC installations.  LiveWire E&I technicians performed all MCC testing, hazardous area inspections, instrument inspections, cable tests, and earth grid tests.  All test equipment was supplied by LiveWire Automation.  LiveWire supervisors were tasked with overseeing the management of the MC scope.  This consisted of managing all E&I teams to successfully complete all ITR’s in the MC scope.


  • Installation of power, control and fibre optic cabling to on-skid junction boxes for the new compressor and vendor supplied packages
  • Plant instrumentation & calibrations
  • Installation of new flame detectors and plant emergency sirens
  • Installation of local control stations
  • Installation of new plant lighting
  • Plant earthing
  • Cable ladder
  • Installation of instrumentation transmitters
  • ITR completion associated with MC scope of works
  • Hazardous area inspections
  • Rectification of identified issues
  • Management of all E&I site personnel


LiveWire Automation was engaged by Kentz to assist in the pre-commissioning scope of the BP2 facility.  The scope included electrical energisation of new and existing equipment, instrumentation loop checks, PLC / DCS integration.


  • Functional instrument loop testing
  • MCC energisation
  • Flare control panel commissioning
  • TEG dehydration package commissioning
  • Motor bump testing
  • Motor coupling alignments