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Ground Birch Montney 4 Facility

Project Scope

Automation, Asset Maintenance and Commissioning Services provided by Livewire Automation


Montney Basin - Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

Automation & Commissioning

The Groundbirch 4-15-80-19 gas processing plant opposite to Montney 3 plant, processes sweet wet natural gas from existing and future interests in the area. In the end, the facility will consist of two similar plants named Montney 3 and Montney 4. The Montney 3 facility has already been constructed and commissioned. The Montney 3 plant is built to process up to 2,260 E3m3/d (80 MMscfd) of raw sweet gas. The Montney 4 plant will increase the processing capacity by 2,820 E3m3/d (100 MMscfd) to a total of 5,080 E3m3/d (180 MMscfd). All of the gas produced from the Montney 4 plant will be sold to TCPL via the sales meter that has been installed as Phase 2 of Montney 3 plant. The facility consists of 1 Inlet Header Skid, Process Gas Distribution, 3 inlet separators, 3 process compressors, 2 hydrocarbon dew point control plant / refrigeration plants, 1 stabilizer overheads compressor, and sales gas meter. Livewire was awarded the project to Complete the PLC/HMI programming development & commissioning/ start-up of the M4 project.


  • 1 BPCS PLC
  • 1 F/G PLC
  • 3 inlet compressors
  • 1 overheads compressor
  • 2 refrigeration plants
  • 4 generator packages
  • 1 generator sync PLC
  • Storage tanks and pumps

Asset Maintenance

In addition to commissioning and startup for the facility, Livewire was responsible for the PACO for this facility.