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Kaybob 5-33 Facility

Project Scope

Main Automation Contractor Services provided by Livewire Automation


Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada

Automation & Commissioning

The Kaybob 5-33 facility will process gas and liquids from the Kaybob field. Livewire Automation won the MAC contract for this project and executed this project with EPC Worley Parsons. The project scope is to Design, Construct and Commission a field facility in the Fox Creek area (located at LSD 5-33-63-20 W5M) to provide separation, compression and dehydration of gas, and stabilization of condensate for well production from the Swift and Silver Harvest Common Value Areas (CVA).


  • Three phase inlet seperator
  • 4 Inlet compressor packages
  • 1 Glycol dehydration package
  • 1 Stabilizer feed drum
  • 2 Stabilizer systems
  • Water tanks
  • Associated utilities
  • 2 Stabilizer overhead
  • compressors
  • 2 VRU packages
  • 1 Condensate buffer tank and pump system


Achieve Goal Zero: The project was completed safely with no recordable incidents.

Cost: In the current capital constrained environment, the project must be executed competitively. Our project came in under budget.

Schedule: The asset wishes to ramp up production in early 2018.